PSM-Mobile Software for PowerSight Analyzers with Bluetooth

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General Specifications

Be Comfortable. Be Safe. Comply with NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 Safety Requirements

PowerSight meters / analyzers with wireless Bluetooth communications allow you to:

Remove cumbersome protective gear (PPE) in a safe area and get away from high voltages and arc flash danger after installing probes. Remotely perform power monitoring and electrical testing (up to 25 feet away). Via a PC or PDA.

Perform set-up remotely of PowerSight meters with Bluetooth (PS4500, PS3500, PS2500). Check connection, start/stop of monitoring, view real-time waveforms, phasors, harmonics and power meters.

PSM Software is available in the two versions:

  1. PSM PowerSight Manager software comes standard with all PowerSight meters. It is also free to download and free of any license restrictions. PSM will allow remote communication to Bluetooth-enabled meters (PS2500, PS3500. PS4500) from a PC, a laptop or notebook PC, or an inexpensive netbook PC
  2. PSM-Mobile is software is for Windows CE devices only, such as PDA and some smartphones etc. Set up and control, view waveforms and phasors on PDA , download logged data to SD card on PDA - all remotely.