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current transformer block 6

current transformer block 6

PS2500 features
Simple, foolproof data logging

  • the perfect instrument for basic power studies
  • 4 current & 3 voltage channels
  • optional harmonics

Bluetooth (tm): Wireless Communications
SureStart (tm): Technology that eliminates connection errors
PowerSight Manager (tm): PC software simplifies setup and built-in Report Writer
produces complete, concise report
CAT IV Rated: For safe connections to 600 VAC service
SD Card Slot: Store more data on removable memory cards.

PS 3500 features
Complete power/energy analyzer

  • great for handheld studies and long-term data logging
  • control from keypad or PC
  • view individual harmonics in display




Two Powerful Choices
The PS2500 and PS3500 are inexpensive yet versatile, handheld power monitors. Both provide a complete solution for the process of performing power studies - from setup, to data gathering, to issuing a comprehensive
final report. Both are excellent choices for power studies; the PS3500 offers more measurements and features that are accessible through the keypad. Note their contoured, rubberized grip that fits securely and comfortably in the hand. They are lightweight (only 1.1 lb.), compact and rugged, — ideal for field work!

AC & DC Power Measurements
Both are equipped with 4 current and 3 voltage channels to measure voltage, current, and power on all phases as well as neutral currents for single-phase, two-phase, three-phase, split-delta, 2PT/2CT, DC, 45-66 Hz, and 360-440 Hz applications.

Comprehensive Logging Capabilities
Both allow for logging of voltage and current, power usage and energy consumption in kWh. They have ample internal memory for monitoring up to months at a time. These units measure, record, and log: V, I, W, VA, VAR, PF, Hz, THD, – all simultaneously. You can audit individual loads or entire facilities, measure and profile circuit capacity, check load panel imbalance, track harmonic distortion and more.

SD Memory Card Slot
With inexpensive Secure Digital memory cards logging times can be extended and multiple surveys can be saved. SD cards offer an alternative download method to a PC. Whenever an SD card is inserted data is always saved automatically to the card. A card can be swapped after pausing and then monitoring resumed. Cards can be taken to a PC thus avoiding the need to take a PC to the meter in the field.

Bluetooth Communications
Each unit communicates wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth so there’s no need to connect a cable and be “tethered” to a PC! On a nearby PC screen a few feet away, real-time waveforms, phasors and harmonic spectra can be displayed. Also, from a few feet away, you can remotely control a PowerSight monitor wirelessly.

PC Software & Report Generator
All PowerSight monitors include PowerSight Manager PC software for data analysis. This software can display individual graphical logs, zoom and expand for detail, print, and export data to a spreadsheet file. The automatic Report Writer compiles the survey data into tables and graphs in just seconds to eliminate tedious manual cutting and pasting. The report is editable so you can insert your conclusions and recommendations. The comparison mode is ideal for comparing surveys such as “before and after” adding new loads or making circuit changes, or verifying the financial savings after implementing energy savings measures.

Safety First!
Both are CAT IV rated, the most stringent safety rating for handheld test equipment. Thus, the PS2500 and PS3500 are deemed safe for connection to up to 600 V service anywhere in a facility.

No More Connection Errors or Wasted Surveys
Our patented, built-in SureStartTM intelligence checks your voltage and current connections and advises you before you begin monitoring.




Going Green?
First start with a PowerSight monitor to identify energy savings opportunities. Find out how much energy you are using – and when. Implement a solution and monitor again to verify. Get the results the way you want, in watts or in dollars.

Going Solar or Wind-Powered?
PowerSight meters are smart and tell you when you are consuming power and when you are generating and sending power back to the grid.

Display waveforms, phasors, and harmonic specta on your PC

Create customized professional reports with PSM Report Writer











  PS2500 PS3500 Recommendation

Two keys. On/Off key and Next
key. Each press of Next scrolls through a list of real-time meter values, similar to a multimeter. Next also controls Start/Stop of monitoring.

25-button keypad with individually labeled keys for immediate viewing of real-time values like a multimeter without scrolling. The keypad can program setup and control Start/Stop of monitoring.

Choose the PS3500 if you often perform spot checks or make handheld multi- meter measurements and prefer using
a labeled keypad instead of scrolling through a list.


Certain functions are only available on the PC, including: THD, individual harmonic content, VAR, KWh, cost, frequency, duty cycle, displacement power factor, phase lag angle,
peak demand power, and peak demand period. The PS2500 display is not backlit.

More functions are available directly on the meter display, including: min/max/ average summaries, THD, individual harmonic content, VAR, kWh, cost, frequency, duty cycle, displacement power factor, phase lag angle, peak demand power, and peak demand. period. The PS3500 display is backlit.

Choose the PS3500 to get additional measurement functions on the meter display or to immediately view a summary of results after monitoring instead of having to download to a PC. The backlit display of the PS3500 is better for low light conditions.

PC Setup

Setup is via the PC only and saved
to the meter. Meter can be turned
off and taken to the field. Monitoring Start/Stop can be controlled on meter or by a PC. Changing the setup for the PS2500 requires a PC.

Either the PC or the keypad can be used to program the meter. Setup and Start/Stop of monitoring can be performed in the field with or without a PC. PS2500 setup is done only via a PC. Choose the PS3500 if programming the setup with or without a PC offers you more flexibility. You can change setup anytime from the PS3500 keypad; no PC is needed on site.
Demand Power KWh, and Cost
Generated in the PSM software and can be viewed only on a PC. Available in the meter display from the keypad or can be viewed in the PSM software on a PC. Both perform logging. Choose the PS3500 if you prefer using the meter’s keypad buttons to view a summary of energy measurements in the display without having to download to a PC.
Duty Cycle
(% On/Off)
Not Available Available Choose the PS3500 for duty cycle measurements./td>
Not available Available on one channel. Transient count, worst magnitude and duration. Choose the PS3500 for logging of transient disturbances.
Harmonics Optional. Displayed on PC only in PSM software. Included. Displayed on meter or on PC Both log THD. The PS3500 is better suited to handheld measurements.
Cost Lowest Low Both are good value. Choose which features are important to you.
Role or mode
of applications
Better suited as an economical, easy-to-use power logger; logging is its main role. Best suited for applications needing a logger that is brought back to a PC for analysis and reports. Has fewer handheld operation and meter display functions. Very good for logging and better for spot checks and handheld measurements like a multimeter. More display functions are available in PS3500. Choose the PS2500 for an economical data-logger. Choose the PS3500 if, in addition to logging, you often need to perform spot checks or hand- held measurements like a multimeter and prefer using the meter's keypad instead of scrolling through a list.

View plots and summaries in PSM software on a PC.
Use zoom, expand, annotate, and export data functions

Voltage and current connection for both single and three-phase measurements




Size: 3.88" (9.86 cm) W x 7.72" (19.61 cm) L x 1.58" (4.01 cm) D; In handheld region: 2.14" (5.44 cm) deep at top end
Weight: 1.1 lb. (0.5 kg)
Operating Range: 32 - 122 degrees F (0 - 50 degrees C) Relative humidity to 70% (non-condensing)
Power Requirement:
12 VDC @ 500 mA, wall-mount power supply included (specify 120 V or 240 V). Internal Ni-Cad battery operates 8-10 hours after full charge.
Measurement Rate: Analyzes two cycles per second of each voltage and current input at 16 μs; uses 130 samples per cycle @ 60 Hz. All measurements updated once per second
Voltage Measurement Ranges:1-600 Vrms steady-state (direct input); 1- 600 Vdc
or 600–5,000 Vrms with 5 KVP probes,
or 600–15,000 Vrms with 15 KVP probes.
Display Range: 1-6 MV (using input ratios)
Meter Display Resolution: 1V (PS2500); 0.1V (PS3500)
Accuracy: 0.5% of reading ±0.3 Vrms
Current Measurement Ranges: With HA5: 0.02 - 5 A
With HA100: 0.1 - 100 A
With HA1000: 1 - 1000 A
With FX3000: 10 – 3000 A
With FX5000: 100 - 5000 A
With DC600: 5 - 600 A DC

Display Range: 1 mA - 6 MA (using input ratios) Meter Display Resolution: 1A (PS2500); 0.1A (PS3500) Accuracy: 0.5% of reading plus accuracy of probe Phasor diagram: via PC Imbalance: via PC
Frequency Measurement:Range: DC, 45 - 66 Hz, 360 - 440 Hz fundamental
Display on meter: (PS3500 ONLY)
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Harmonics Measurement:45 - 3000 Hz (50th harmonic @ 50/60 Hz,
7th @ 400 Hz); (HAO option needed with the PS2500)


THD Accuracy: 1%; Displays THD and individual harmonics through 25th harmonic of all signals on PS3500 only. PowerSight Manager software displays harmonics through 50th harmonic for both units on a PC; (HAO option needed with the PS2500)
Power, Energy, Cost, Power Factor: VA, VAR, True Power Factor (TPF), Displacement Power Factor (DPF), Phase Lag Angle, Energy kWh, Energy cost in $, Waveform snapshot Display Range: 1 watt - 60 MW (using input ratios) Accuracy: 1% plus accuracy of current probe Transient Detection: one channel (PS3500 ONLY)
Logging Period: (resolution) User selectable from 1 second — 99 minutes
Logging Duration: (length of monitoring session) User selectable up to 2 years according to memory allocation
Other Features:
Crest Factor, K Factor, Peak Demand Period, Peak Demand of Peak Demand Period.
Duty cycle, On/Off cycle %, avg On time, avg Off time (PS3500 ONLY)
SureStartTM checks connections for error free monitoring
Backlit Display (PS3500 ONLY)
Wireless communications: Bluetooth
SD memory card slot to 2GB
CE 600V Cat IV
Keypad control of functions (PS2500: 2 keys; PS3500: 25 keys)
Programming and set-up with PC (required for PS2500)
Setup of operating parameters in the field without PC (PS3500 ONLY)
Review of max/min/avg of measurements in meter display (PS3500 ONLY)
Spanish language user interface (PS3500 ONLY)
Regenerative power measurement mode (alternating consume/generate)
Two CT power measurement mode, open delta measurement mode wye, 3-wire delta, 4-wire delta measurement modes
Data Exportable to Excel
Compatible with SafeConnectTM accessory
Report Writer Software, summary or comparison, w or w/o graphs, text editable Long-term monitoring via external 12 V battery
Derive operating power off power being monitored with LDC accessory
Non-intrusive monitoring of appliances : with 120 ADP accessories
Internal Data Retention: 8 years


POWERSIGHT PS2500 Power Logger
The PS2500 includes bluetooth and an SD memory card slot






From setup to data gathering, to issuing a comprehensive final report, the low cost PS2500 Power Logger offers complete power/energy/cost analysis in a compact, rugged package. It measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, energy in KWh, Hz and (optionally) total harmonic distortion THD. Meter window displays real time values like a multimeter. Via a PC and Bluetooth view real-time phasors and waveforms like an oscilloscope.
The PS2500 comes with powerful PC software and an automatic Report Writer.
The PS2500 has 4 current and 3 voltage channels to measure all phase voltages and currents including neutral current. Use it on single-phase, two-phase, three-phase, split delta, 2PT/2CT, DC, 45-66 Hz, and 360-440 Hz applications as well as DC. Log minimums, maximums, averages, and present values. Individual phases and total. PS2500 brochure

The PS2500 Power Logger is lightweight, compact, and rugged. It's rubberized contoured case and rugged construction make the PS2500 ideal for field work.
SUCCESSFUL STUDIES! Our SureStart feature automatically checks for wrong connections on three phase connections before you begin monitoring to ensure a successful power study every time. If there is a mis-connection SureStart will display the error in the meter window.

THE LONGEST LOGGING CAPACITY Long term logging for up to months at a time. The meter’s operation is backed up by rechargeable batteries and has an option to power it directly from the voltage being monitored. Current probes that normally require batteries (flexible AC probes and DC probes) get their power from the PS2500. This guarantees that the PS2500 will log power as long as you need it . Unlike other loggers, it never goes into "sleep" mode. This guarantees that you will have a true view of all of the data when the job is done

. CLEAR DISPLAY FOR QUICK SPOT CHECKS You can view voltage, current, true power, apparent power, and true power factor present values in the meter window- just like a multimeter! SMART! It comes with the latest Bluetooth technology to download data to your PC wirelessly. Plus a removable SD memory card slot backs up power survey data and provides another method of data transfer to a PC.

SAFE FOR NFPA 70E AND CSA Z462 COMPLIANCE The new safety regulations demand safer tools. The PowerSight PS3500 has a a CAT-IV (600V/8000V) safety rating -- the best choice for working on systems to 600VRMS.

Be Safe. PowerSight meters and analyzers with Bluetooth wireless communications are the safest way to test. After installing the PowerSight and its probes, workers can get away from high voltages and Arc Flash dangers and test remotely. Once at a safe distance cumbersome PPE suits, hoods, gloves etc. can be removed. Thus workers can more comfortably control the PowerSight, view connections, phasors, and real-time values, start/stop monitoring and download data in complete safety (up to 25 feet away) via a PC, netbook. or PDA. With a CAT-IV Safety rating (600V/800V) you can confidently use the PS2500 on systems up to 600 VRMS. Bluetooth wireless communications allows remote control via a PC or netbook, up to 25 feet away.

Do you need more than a data logger or energy analyzer for Power Quality i.e. to catch transient power disturbances, voltage fluctuations?
Choose the PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer for cycle-by-cycle RMS measurements plus sags, swells, and transient events capture. PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer