Custom Power Monitoring Equipment

As an industry leader in instrumentation and custom power monitoring equipment for the power industry and for process control applications, AYA is focusing its efforts on providing innovative solutions that result in system optimization and in high performance for its customers. AYA maintains a team of design and application engineers who respond to frequent customer contacts with ideas on  how to customize our standard products to meet specific requirements or performance objectives. Such cooperation with customers has resulted in the design of dozens of custom products.

The products listed in the products pages of this website are designed to meet requirements of electric power and signal conditioning applications. However, special applications encountered by our customers have resulted in variations from our standard products. To meet customer requirements, the AYA engineering staff develops customized versions of standard products and designs new systems and instruments to specifications determined by the customer. A few examples are shown below:

The two enclosures shown on the right are DC power monitors that were specified by a customer for monitoring loads in an installation powered by 800 Volts DC. They were both packaged in NEMA enclosures.
The top DC power monitor was customized to monitor currents up to 100 Amperes DC, while the bottom one was limited to a maximum of 50 Amperes DC.

Any of our products can be modified to be calibrated for special voltage or current ranges and packaged in unique enclosures to meet the environmental conditions of the intended installation sites. 
Our engineering staff designed customized DIN-Rail watt transducers that incorporated state-of-the-art micro-controller technology. The Watt Transducer provided simultaneous analog and digital serial output signals for continuous monitoring and logging of three-phase electrical parameters. They were delivered to the customer with software that generated a graphical display of active power or optionally reactive power, apparent power, voltages or currents.