AYA Instruments Partners with Parkway West Career and Technology Center

In line with AYA Instruments’ current commitment and efforts toward providing educational solar power systems, AYA Instruments has established a partnership with Parkway West Career and Technology Center’s (PWCTC) Electrical System Technology Program. Through this partnership, AYA Instruments has made several equipment donations to the school. These donations include: flex power solar panel, outback charge controller, outback energy storage, and an outback grid/hybrid inverter charger.

This valuable equipment will afford PWCTC’s Electrical Systems Technology Program an excellent educational opportunity. Mr. Michael Leddy, Parkway West CTC’s Electrical Systems instructor, plans to develop a curriculum utilizing the solar panels that can eventually be shared with other career-technology centers in the region.

The solar panels will not only be used as an educational tool; they will also be used as a power source for the electrical systems technology lab. This dual functionality will also afford Mr. Leddy the opportunity to monitor the electrical usage in building. PWCTC Executive Director, Dr. Darby Copeland, is excited to partner with AYA Instruments. Copeland said, “Thanks to AYA Instrument’s generous donation, PWCTC will be on the forefront of solar technology at the secondary level in Western Pennsylvania, thus providing students marketable job skills in the solar technology arena.”