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Model 189 Current Transformer

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Generally used for ammeters and wattmeters.

50-400 Hz.

Insulation Level
600 Volts, 10Kv BIL Full Wave.

CSA 66.1-06, CSA 66.2-06, IEEE C 57.13, and UL 506.

Continuous Thermal Current Rating Factor
1.33 at 30 degrees C. amb., 1.0 at 55 degrees C. amb.

1 Year Warranty


The Model 189 is a low ratio wound primary current transformer, suitable for primary current up to 100 amperes. The table lists the most common current ratings. Primary terminals for the Model 189 for ratios of 30:5 and below are No. 10-32 brass screws with one lock washer (Dimensions A=3.28).
For ratios 40:5 and above, 3/8-16 brass studs with one lock washer and regular nut (Dimensions A=4.10)