Measuring, Metering, Monitoring, and Analyzing Conventional and Alternative Electrical Energy

Multi Channel Power & Energy Platform (WattsOn – MCM)

WattsOn - MCM

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  • Measurement from 10-347Vac (600Vac line-to-line)
  • Modular Design, various input modules
  • From 3 to 60 current input channels
  • Any combination of single, split & 3-phase circuits
  • Per channel configurable CT ratios
  • Per channel voltage/current mapping
  • Digital communication via RS-485, Ethernet and WiFi
  • Modbus/RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, MQTT, API, HTTP web server, HTTP Post
  • Ultra High Accuracy, High-Resolution Power and Energy measurements
  • Compatible with mA, mV, or Rogowski Coil Inputs
  • Custom virtual points are readable with Modbus and BACnet.
  • Virtual points support arithmetic across all 60 input channels
  • NEMA Enclosure


The WattsOn-MCM is a modular power and energy metering system. The product consists of a main board, voltage interface, and expandability for up to 20 input cards (3 channels per card) a power supply, and a communication interface card.

The modular design allows for flexible deployment and the possibility of easy future expansion. Each AC power metering card features up to three channels of measurements, and with 20 card slots, this translates to a total of 60 possible metering points.

The on-board communication coordinator features RS-485, Ethernet, and WiFi interfaces. With Modbus/RTU, Modbus TCP, HTTP Post, web server, and API, the architecture allow for flexible integration with many third-party platforms and devices. Additionally, the Elkor Cloud service may be used for monitoring and trending.

Configuration is handled through the on-board webserver, with a straightforward wizard. This allows configuration of existing and newly added cards including proper CT configuration, in addition to channel naming and channel voltage mapping.

Voltages need only be wired once into the voltage interface, which provides a safe, isolated signal to the WattsOn-MCM. This prevents the need for additional wiring and limits the line voltages to a small area of the enclosure.

A highly flexible template and configuration design allow for user-created virtual metering points. This allows a number of math functions to be performed on multiple data points, which may be used to aggregate data from user-specified channels. Using the incorporated math and scripting allows for user-defined calculations to be carried out on arbitrary register sets.

Future expandability means that the system can grow with demand. The plug-and-play design will feature multiple module types including Power Monitoring (Simple, Full, Advanced)**.

** Pulse/Relay Input, Pulse/Relay Output, Analog Input, Analog Output modules in development.


Power Supply: 120-240VAC (internal 24VDC power supply)
Supported Wiring Types: Up to 347/600V Delta, Wye
Single-phase installations up to 347V RMS
Split-phase (two phase) installations
Frequency: 40-70 Hz nominal (30-300 Hz max)
Voltage: 20Vac – 347Vac L-N (600Vac L-L)
(450Vac L-N, 780V L-L absolute max)
Current Input Channels Modular Design:
1-60 single phase
1-20 three-phase
1-30 split-phase
or any combination–voltage/current matching freely assignable
(Card Dependent):
-mA model -mV model -RC model
   Input Rating: Up to 200mA CTs (ie: Elkor mA CTs) 333mV output CTs (400mV max) Up to 360mV via Rogowski Coils
   Input Impedance: 1.5Ω typ 800kΩ min, 1.2MΩ typ 600kΩ min
Wire Size: Voltage: AWG 30-12, (AWG 16-22 recommended)
Current: AWG 24-12
Overload: 20% continuous (voltage & current) maintaining full accuracy. 100% momentary current overload
Modbus/RTU RS-485 2-wire, 9600 to 230400 baud
Ethernet/WiFi Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, MQTT, HTTP Post, Webserver, API
Auxilliary Bus: RS-485 2-wire Modbus/RTU, for direct communication with cards
Display (optional): Color Touchscreen Graphical HMI
Through front panel (or remote) installation
Current (A): 0.1% typ 0.2% max
Voltage L-N (V): 0.25% typ 0.3% max
Voltage L-L (V): 0.25% typ 0.3% max
Power (W, VA, VAR)*: 0.2% typ 0.5% max
Energy (Wh, VARh, VAh)*: 0.2% typ 0.5% max
Power Factor: 0.4% max
Frequency: 0.01% max
Input Bandwith: 2 kHz (33rd Harmonic @ 60Hz, 40th Harmonic @ 50Hz)
Data Update Frequency: 2 Hz (every 500ms)
* Available measurement parameters depend on card model (see below)
Dimensions: 12″ x 10″ x 4″ W x L x H
Mounting: Wall Mount NEMA4X Enclosure*
*Rating is NEMA1 with optional through-panel LCD touchscreen.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -65°C to +85°C
Humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Safety: UL Listed (#E250395)
Isolation: 3,500VAC (min) input-to-output
Electromagnetic Emissions: FCC part 15 Class A


Power Metering Cards


  • WMC-PM-L-xy: (Lite): Three channels of V, A, PF, kW, kWh (absolute)
  • WMC-PM-B-xy : (Bi-Directional): Three channels of V, A, PF, kW, kWh (import/export)
  • WMC-PM-P-XY : (Plus): Three channels of V, A, PF, kW, kVAR, kVA, kWh, kVARh, kVAh (import/export)

Where -xy represents the desired CT input type (-mA, -mV, -RC)

Pulse/Relay Input, Pulse/Relay Output, Analog Input, Analog Output modules in development.





 Modbus Commander (EXE / ZIP)
 Elkor Finder Software (EXE / ZIP)