Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting can play a major role in energy consumption. Monitoring, controlling, and automating your lighting and power systems, can play an important role in the sustainability and resiliency of a building. Together with our industry partners, we are able to provide cost effective and high efficiency LED lighting solutions that delivers premium intelligent lighting benefits for our customers.

Upgrade To Intelligent Facility Lighting

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Sigma Luminous Lighting Solutions - LED Fixtures and Remote Monitoring and ControlsCommercial and Industrial Lighting Solutions

Our partner, Sigma Luminous, is an LED luminaire and controls manufacturer, offering state of the art efficiencies and capabilities such as

•High efficiency LED lighting
•Motion and light level sensors
•Outdoor and arena lighting
•DC lighting system
•Secure remote monitoring, control, and notification system

Some Solutions Include:

High Efficiency LED Fixtures for Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Automation Controllers for Smart Building Resource Management

Lighting Automation Controllers

AYA offers a complete line of business automation controllers for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, industrial compressed air systems, and energy management. On-premise and  cloud based solutions with a multi-user web interface.

Features include:
• Web-based scheduling
• Compatible with both wired and wireless sensors
• Motion sensor and light-level sensor support
• Graphical interface
• Open standards
• Configurable & scalable
• Built-in energy efficiency
• Training Available
• Can be integrated with a full building automation solution

Our automation solutions are suitable for lighting control on a room-by-room basis or the traditional by the circuit control.

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