Measuring, Metering, Monitoring, and Analyzing Conventional and Alternative Electrical Energy

Ezeio Controller – Wireless



This is the standard Ezeio controller with a short range wireless transceiver built-in. The radio is used for adding wireless sensors, inputs and outputs to the system. It has a range of up to 100m (300ft) and is using a secure, frequency agile protocol on the 868/900Mhz bands.


The 868/900MHz radio is used for local communication (up to 100m/300ft range) with sensors and input/output expansion modules. This radio is using a proprietary, encrypted protocol designed specifically for the ezeio system.

The Ezeio comes complete with power supply, an Ethernet cable and 4 months of basic service. Additional service is easily purchased via the web interface. Access to the web UI for configuration and live data is included for life.


  • Built-in 868/900MHz transceiver
  • 4 analog general purpose inputs (0-10V / 4-20mA / S0-pulse / digital)
  • 2 general purpose relay outputs (max 50V@2A)
  • ModBus-RTU compatible serial port
  • MicroLAN master
  • Standard Ethernet 10/100 port


  • Runs on 8-25VDC, 1W typical draw
  • Logging interval configurable from 10 seconds up to 1 hour for each input
  • Up to four alarm thresholds for every input
  • Alarms can send email, control outputs, set modes and more
  • Live access from standard web interface


  • No special firewall or network configuration
  • HTTP XML API available for easy integration with other systems
  • Zero on-site configuration required
  • Includes 12VDC power adapter and a 6ft Ethernet cable.
  • The Ezeio is designed and manufactured in the US.