Measuring, Metering, Monitoring, and Analyzing Conventional and Alternative Electrical Energy

Medium Voltage Potential Transformer (Model PTG5)


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The PTG5 series of potential transformers (PTs) are designed for high accuracy medium voltage measurements. The purpose of this PT is to proportionally reduce the primary voltage to a level that is within the input range of a standard meter, transducer, or controller. These PTs can be used together with current transformers (CTs) for the monitoring of power and energy. Flex-Core has several of the more common models in stock.

  • Standard Secondary Voltage ……………… 120Vac
  • UL Recognized, CSA
  • Primary voltages marked with an (*) are approved
  • Revenue Metering in Canada by Industry Canada
  • Approval No. AE-0431 Rev 1.



0.3 WXMYZ, 1.2ZZ at 100% rated voltage with 120V based ANSI burden.
0.3 WXMY, 1.2Z at 58% rated voltage with 69.3 V based ANSI burden.

Frequency:  60Hz
Insulation Class:  15.5kV, 110kV BIL Full Wave

Thermal Rating:  
1500VA at 30°C Amb.
1000VA at 55°C Amb.

Weight:  Approximately 88 lbs.