Measuring, Metering, Monitoring, and Analyzing Conventional and Alternative Electrical Energy

Model 3P42 3 Phase Current Transformer

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Used with 3 phase metering and overload protection.

50-400 Hz.

Insulation Level
600 Volts, 10Kv BIL Full Wave.

CSA 66.1-06, CSA 66.2-06, and UL 506.

(Window size: 2.50″ diameter.)

1 Year Warranty


Terminals are brass. Stud and Female options w/ hardware available.
Note: When ordering, use prefix below to indicate unit designation/configuration.
T = Male (Brass studs No. 10-32 UNC with one flat washer, one lock washer and one nut each) (i.e. 3P42-101T)
Y = Female (Brass with one Cup washer, one lock washer and one No. 8-32 UNC binding head screw each) (i.e. 3P42-101Y)
Approximate weight 11.5 lbs.