Measuring, Metering, Monitoring, and Analyzing Conventional and Alternative Electrical Energy

Relay Class Revenue Grade Current Transformer (FCR)


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Watt Transducer,Current Transducer,KWH Meter,Demand Meter,Power Factor Meter,Current Sensing Relays,Energy Management Systems

Continuous Thermal Rating
See data sheet Standard 5-amp secondary. Custom primaries and secondaries available upon request.

Insulation Class
0.6kV, 10kV BIL Full Wave. 60hz. For Use Over Insulated Bus

Window Size 6.5″x2.5″,11.0″x4.0″

These split core current transformers are designed for easy installation over busbar or cable to provide a precise representation of the primary current. There are solutions available for most commercially available meters and instrumentation.

1 Year Warranty