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3-Phase Voltage Transformer (Model 3VTL460)

Model 3VTL460

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Standard Secondary Voltage
120 VAC Line to Line.

Insulation Level
600 Volt, 10Kv BIL Full Wave.

Accuracy Class
0.6W, 1.2 X at 60Hz (Per Phase).

Thermal Rating
150 VA @ 30 C. amb.; 100 VA @ 55 C. amb.

Terminals are No. 8-32 screws into 1/2″ deep brass inserts with lock washers and flat washers.

1 Year Warranty


The 3VTL460 transformers are designed for line-to-line operation. They are encased in a thermoplastic case with the cores and windings encapsulated in resin. The assembly consists of three separate transformers with all terminals accessible. Although designed for line-to-line operation, it may also be used in line-to-neutral or line-to-ground configuration at 58% of rated voltage.