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Voltage Transformer (Model 468)

Model 468

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Standard Secondary Voltage
120 VAC.

Insulation Level
600 Volt, 10Kv BIL Full Wave.

Accuracy Class
+/-0.6% at all burdens up to 7.5 VA and +/-1.5% at 20 VA burden.

Thermal Rating
75 VA @ 30 C. amb.; 50 VA @ 55 C. amb.

Terminals are No. 10-32 brass studs with one lock washer and one flat washer each. (Note: All transformers listed with the exception of the 480v and 600v are ANSI C 57.13 group 1. The 480v and 600v are group 2.)

1 Year Warranty


These transformers are encased in a thermoplastic case with the core and windings encapsulated in resin. They are designed for line-to-line operation but may also be used in line-to-neutral or line-to-ground configuration at 58% of rated voltage. It is recommended that a 0.80 Amp fuse be used in the secondary to protect the transformer.