Measuring, Metering, Monitoring, and Analyzing Conventional and Alternative Electrical Energy

Flexible Current Transformer (Model FCL)


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Watt Transducer,Current Transducer,KWH Meter,Demand Meter,Power Factor Meter,Current Sensing Relays,Energy Management Systems

Continuous Thermal Rating
1.25 at 30° C, 1.0 at 55° C Standard 5-amp secondary. Others available.

Insulation Class
0.72kV, 10kV BIL Full Wave. 50-400hz

Window Size 4″,6″,8″,11″,18″,2.75″x6.625″,4″X11″

The UL Certified FCL Split-Core Current Transformer is designed for easy installation on large bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys or for continuous monitoring of current.

1 Year Warranty